Awards: Saturday, December 19, 2015 at Yolo Brewing Company

We want to know your thoughts!
Please take a moment to tell us what you thought about the 2015 season, and give us feedback on how we improve next year.

End-of-the-Season Party Timeline

11:00 am Yolo Brewing Company opens. Stop by early, sample their beers and reserve a good seat.
3:00 pm Check-in and raffle area open. Season recap videos starts, and the GHETO crew starts spinning the records.
4:00 pm Thank yous and recognition of those who made this season possible.
4:15 pm Crown series champions, give away raffle prizes, and give away YOLOBREW Prize Cooler podium raffles.
5:45 pm Official awards party ends, but beer drinking and enjoying time with friends continues until they kick us out!

Venue Partner

Delicious craft beer, right in our backyard.